NEO Virtus Engineering Solar Analytic Services

  • Performance modeling in PVsyst & SAM including array shading and bifacial contributions
  • Exceedance probability P50 & P90 statistical analysis from multi-year weather data
  • Performance verification & capacity testing per ASTM 2848-13 multi linear regression
  • NREL Weather Corrected Performance Model
  • Sandia photovoltaic array performance model
  • ESS modeling for Massachusetts SMART program compliance & optimization
  • Alternate maximum circuit current modeling calculation per NEC690.8(A)(1)(2)
  • Array layout optimization based on site topography and constraints on available land
  • Data acquisition system monitoring and maintenance (Campbell Scientific expert)
  • DC & AC voltage drop calculations and equipment placement to minimize losses
  • Quantify clipped energy captured by DC coupled energy storage
  • PV day ahead/hour ahead forecasting
  • Decommissioning reports to quantify removal cost & commodity values at array end of life
  • Custom data acquisition system design, power management, programming, deployment, and
    monitoring including Irradiance RSR3, Campbell, Kipp & Zonen, Eppley and Hukseflux products