Photovoltaic & Energy Storage System Design

Interconnection Applications Stamped for Utility Submission (IA)

Interconnection expertise for seamless interconnection applications. NEO Virtus has experience working with various electrical utilities to apply to proposed designs. NEO works toward satisfying all utility and tariff technical requirements to achieve the fastest possible path to a service agreement.

  • Typical Interconnection Application Package: Pre-Design site survey due diligence (if needed), draft IA for customer review, IA stamped & issued for utility submission.

Stamped Issued for Construction Sets (IFC)

Design optimization and functionality with customer satisfaction. NEO Virtus Engineering’s core value is to provide a system design that satisfies all customer needs while considering the best optimization and functionality while, adhering to required standards and codes.

  • Typical Construction Set Package: 50% draft for customer review, 90% draft for customer review (can be stamped for permitting), 100% stamped & issued for construction, stamped as-built drawings

Engineering studies and other services are a part of what we offer throughout project design. See services tab for more information.