Protection, Telemetry, and Control Engineering

NEO offer’s a wide range of protection, control and telemetry services. NEO’s sister company, Day Ahead Instrumentation, LLC (DAI), specializes in integrating protective relays for low voltage relays for LV and MV interconnections. DAI’s capabilities enable NEO to provide turnkey protective relay & RTU hardware, design, programming, and utility witness testing solutions for all telemetry and protection & control applications.

Protection & Control

NEO has extensive experience with numerous relay’s, and is particularly expert using SEL devices. Our abilities include:

  1. PE stamped Control schematics ‘For Construction’ and Utility Submission.
  2. Calculating Relay Settings Table.
  3. Relay Programming.
  4. Witness Testing Procedures.


NEO offer’s a comprehensive RTU solution, complete with relay, automation controller, and router programming. NEO possesses the same abilities for telemetry as we do for protection and control. Working closely with the utility telemetry engineers to establish a connection to the utility in order for remote monitor and breaker trip operation.
NEO Virtus ensures all the necessary components and protection elements are sourced and wired properly prior to commissioning.
Working with NEO Virtus provides the customer with a quality of work that avoids delays, and problems typical with complex protection and control schemes.