Our History

  • 2001, Jim founds New Energy Options, a Multidollar corporation and precursor to NEO Virtus Engineering.  Sets up shop in the attic at home with Honey the cat. Gets first client, National Grid, PV monitoring.
  • 2004, New Energy Options (NEO) moves out of the attic and into an old mill building in Littleton, Massachusetts.  NEO hires its first employee.  100% increase in staff in one day!
  • 2006, NEO spins off a hardware company, Day Ahead Instrumentation, LLC (DAI).  Day Ahead opens up shop next door in the Littleton mill. To this day the companies work hand in hand, –sort of a software (NEO) + hardware (DAI) kinda thing–  for the distributed energy resource industry.
  • 2009, New Energy Options attempts to buy corporate name rights in California.  Unable to do so, changes its name to NEO Virtus Engineering.
  • 2012, the 2008 recession hits NEO.  NEO hits the low point on the Solar Coaster.
  • 2013-2020, NEO experiences steady growth and terrific staffing.
  • 2020, COVID hits and we all go home.
  • 2021, we are all (mostly) back in the office.
  • 2021-Present, NEO continues to grow adding new abilities every day to address any request and truly becoming a comprehensive one stop electrical engineering firm for the renewables industry.


From the attic to the edge of the grid, here’s to another 20 years!