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PV System Design: DC to Medium Voltage-

NEO has 23 years of continuous design experience in the commercial photovoltaic industry on utility scale or C&I projects. The firm works to satisfy the requirements of the interconnecting utility and the National Electrical Code, while providing a design optimized for “buildability” and client ROI. A design by NEO Virtus can provide savings in installed cost of labor and materials, enhanced performance, and timely completion. NEO specializes in low to medium voltage designs. (Need Jim to explain)

Solar Optimization

Pre-construction due diligence (for systems designed by other than NEO): System modeling: PVsyst, Helioscope, PVWatts, NEO proprietary models. Answering the question: will the proposed system deliver as promised.
Design phase: Sensitivity analysis using PV production simulations optimized per system constraints: land use, orientation restriction, production targets, specific yield targets, energy storage requirements, etc.
Post-construction performance verification.
oNEO has state of the art, portable, deployable, data acquisition
system (DAS) capabilities. Our portable DAS uses secondary standard
pyranometers in conjunction with wind speed, ambient and cell temperature sensor with cellular linkage for daily updates on performance.
oLocal DAS calibration verification: NEO can verify the accuracy of your local DAS or revenue meter using our portable DAS.
oProduction modeling: using production and irradiance data (collected by NEO or your on-site DAS) NEO can model client’s system to answer the questions: does the system produce what was promised?

Storage System Design

NEO Virtus has designed over 130MWac/360MWdc of PV systems with energy storage rated in excess of 133MWdc/800MWh capacity for the newly rolled out Massachusetts SMART incentive program. Due to the structure of the Massachusetts tariff most of the systems are DC coupled leading to both new innovations and new challenges which NEO has been well equipped to address.

Patented Production Forecasting

The Company’s first solar forecasting patent was awarded in 2009. In 2010, NEO supported Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s (SMUD) in a successful bid to the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) R&D project focused on evaluating the impacts of high penetration PV on the electrical system. NEO’s subtask is PV power forecasting.

Utility Grade Relays

NEO Virtus Engineering provides full service protection system engineering (utilizing SEL, Eaton, Basler etc. relays) for utility scale and C&I PV system designs. We offer relay design, relay and interrupting device specifications, relay programming (including MV G&W, Tavrida, etc recloser controllers), utility compliant witness test procedures, and on-site relay witness testing and engineering support and reporting. For systems where your interrupting devices