DER System Modeling

DER System Modeling

NEO offers comprehensive PSCAD, PSS/E, PSLF and ASPEN system specific models for any situation. With every NEO configured model, a variety of tests are performed depending on the specific project need to confirm model viability.

These tests include but are not limited to:

  • Initialization
  • Ringdown
  • Three-Phase and Single-Phase fault
  • Voltage and Frequency Ride Through
  • Voltage and Frequency Trip
  • Deadband Frequency
  • Frequency Droop Operation
  • Anti-Islanding

NEO has successfully submitted models to:

  • ISO New England
  • National Grid
  • Eversource
  • Rhode Island Energy
  • FRCC
  • Luma Energy
  • With the ability to submit to ISO, RTO, or Utility.