Coordination Study

Coordination Studies

NEO specializes in conducting comprehensive coordination studies for the various equipment in photovoltaic systems. This analysis encompasses a range of critical components, such as transformer thermal and inrush considerations, reclosers, fuse disconnects, protective relays, and circuit breakers.

System Functionality

Our team is proficient in generating detailed and insightful coordination reports that offer an understanding of the PV system’s design and operational aspects. We also provide valuable recommendations based on our analysis, ensuring that the system functions optimally and efficiently.

Utility Required Protection

Our engineers also collaborate with utility protection and control departments. This collaborative effort enables us to seamlessly integrate customer protection measures with upstream utility protection protocols, ensuring a cohesive and robust safety framework.

Nuisance Tripping

Our studies provide us the ability to address and rectify the issue of nuisance tripping experienced by some PV systems due to mis-coordination. Eliminating nuisance tripping translates to tangible benefits for our clients, including the elimination of system downtime, truck-rolls, and the consequential lost revue.