Cable Thermal Study

Cable Thermal Analysis

Cable thermal analysis is used to determine the temperature of cables in a duct bank assembly. Through Electrical Power System Analysis Software, the duct bank assembly is modeled. Using this model, NEO’s reports demonstrate the electrical duct bank tolerable soil resistivity as it applies to cable operating temperatures.

Sensitivity analysis results in the report include:

  • Required spacing of conductors based on report results
  • Specific soil resistivity and cable operating temperatures
  • Specific soil resistivity limit where conductors approach the circuit breakers terminal temperature limit of 75C
  • Specific soil resistivity limit where conductors exceed the sheathing temperature limit of 90C and begin to fail

Cable thermal analysis report results are important and help our clients during design and construction phases. Clients can use these results to consult with their Geotechnical engineers to ensure the thermal resistivity of site specific soil does not exceed modeled limits.