What are we?

We are embryonic. We are a rising swirl of technological and economic chaos and disruption. We are on a path to a revolutionized 100% renewables economy. On a trajectory to supplant utility energy and take on the challenge of transportation energy, we are at the beginning of an historical transition.

We are driven by inspiration, and idealism, and boundless aspiration, but also by fear and greed; we are pursuing great opportunities with great risks, striving to be the next unicorns. We are an industry driven by individuals willing to take risks. Bankers and financiers believe in us now; we are an investment option. We are driven by ROI/IRR; we are NPV. We have PPAs like the merchant carbon guys. We are bankable!

We are a maturing technology –inverters at 98.5% weighted efficiency. Yet we are reinventing ourselves every five years. We can model ourselves now; we know what we are. We have the beginnings of real chemical storage; the last major block to complete the power technology transformation.

The utilities and ISO’s are still like the Balkans. Patchworks of different cultures, different standards we have to navigate. We are no longer an annoying oddity. We are a threat. Utilities have taken notice and are scrambling to make their systems survive the onslaught of technologies for which they were never prepared. At the same time the utility grid has become an enabler of our industry’s potential. They are regulated monopolies and they are not going away. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts; the grid is the network for our industry.