Protective Relay Design & Programming, and Witness Testing

Services include coordination with utility engineer, provision of relay settings table, programming of relay, review and approval of relay hardware submittals, and creation of the witness test procedure. NEO can either provide full system witness testing with a 3rd party NETA certified testing company or witness testing oversite of the client’s testing company.

NEO’s sister company, Day Ahead Instrumentation, LLC (DAI), specializes in integrating protective relays for low voltage interconnections. DAI’s capabilities enable NEO to provide turnkey protective relay hardware, design, programming and utility witness testing solutions for any utility grade relay application.

For PV systems in the megawatt range, even roof top applications, utilities may require real time monitoring and reporting of power generation per recommendations of IEEE 1547.3 (IEEE Guide for Monitoring, Information Exchange, and Control of Distributed Resources Interconnected with Electric Power Systems).