Engineering Studies

NEO offers a range of engineering studies including power flow/short circuit, protection coordination, arc flash, cable thermal, grounding, temporary overvoltage, and effective grounding (grounding transformers) studies, CT/ PT burden/accuracy calculations. All studies are performed with Etap simulation software and verified with manual calculations

NEO Virtus Engineering can provide PSCAD and PSS/E modeling for your Cluster, Distribution & Transmission, Congested Areas, Affected System Operator (ASO) or Proposed Plan Approval (PPA) studies.  NEO Virtus provides site-specific PSCAD and PSS/E modeling for your inverter collector system and gets you the approvals you need for your utility and ISO.  Whether you are in a distribution level Cluster Study PP5-3, PPA process or under ISO New England Schedule 23 Small Generator Interconnection (PP5-6) program, NEO will guide you through the procedures and build the PSCAD and PSS/E models and bench test them for your system.